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The letters

Paris, 1st October 1907

Dear Father,

I am well and I wish the same of you and of all the family. I have never been on a more pleasant journey - I will never forget the two days on the train.
When I got here I was overcome with sadness, because I felt how lonely I was among so many people. Carriages, shouting, crowds, towering houses, thousands of things which weigh down on me...
Fortunately I found a room the day I arrived. It is a pleasant room, next to the University and all the schools, in the centre of Paris.
This morning I sent you a telegram, which I trust you have received by now.
I will need about ten days to recover. As long as one lives in Heraklion, one cannot imagine what a big city of three and a half million people is like.
I will write often - don't worry, dear father. Give my regards to mother and Anastasia and Eleni and everyone. Have Eleni write my address on the envelope of the letters you send me.

With love and respect

your son


Dear Mother, Anastasia and Eleni,

When I calm down, I will write and tell you what I have seen. At the moment I am full of noise, people, railways. Coming to Paris sends you out of your mind..I have been wandering around all day, but don't feel in the least like sleeping! I arrived at six o'clock on Monday, the first of the month. Write often, because quite honestly and without flattering you, your letters will be my only comfort here. Today it is drizzling and the sky is full of clouds. It is not cold yet, send greetings to everyone and in my next letter I will write you lots of news.

I feel terrible now.

Dearest mother, you don't know how much I would like to be back with you...But it doesn't matter..it'll come

Nikos Kazandzakis


Blogger Amir said...

"Such a lonely day
Shouldn't exist
It's a day that I'll never miss
Such a lonely day
And it's mine
It's a day that I'm glad I survived"

06 julho, 2006  

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