terça-feira, setembro 26, 2006


Borysthenes Alanus,
the swift horse of Caesar,
who was accustomed to fly
through the sea and the marshes
and the Etruscan mounds,
while pursuing Pannonian boars, not one boar
dared him to harm
with his white tooth:
the saliva from his mouth
scattered even the meanest tail,
as it is custom to happen.
But killed on a day in his youth,
his healthy, invulnerable body
has been buried here in the field.


Borysthenes Alanus,
Caesareus veredus,
per aequor et paludes
et tumulos Etruscos
volare qui solebat,
Pannonicos nec ullus
apros eum insequentem
dente aper albicanti
ausus fuit nocere:
sparsit ab ore caudam
vel extimam saliva,
ut solet evenire.
Sed integer iuventa
inviolatus artus
die sua peremptus
hic situs est in agro.



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